How To Tell If You Are Long Overdue For A Storage Unit


Do you feel like the junk is starting to take over your home? Is every spare closet or cabinet filled to the brim? Perhaps you already have the garage filled as well as the backyard shed? If that is the case, it is time to get a storage unit. If you have never had a storage unit, we are going to share our tips with finding the perfect unit at an affordable price.

One of the first things you need to realise about storage units is the fact that they come in various sizes. Typically, the smallest of sizes will be a 5×5 while the largest can be 10×30.

You are going to want to find the perfect size for your needs. The larger space you get the higher your cost is going to be. Many times, with proper packing, a much smaller unit can be rented, saving the individual quite a bit of cash. Do you really want to spend your hard-earned money on wasted space?

You may have already heard about how location is so important in real estate, the same is true when looking for a rental storage unit. If you find a rental unit in the centre of town, it is going to be more expensive than that which may be located just outside of town. Likewise, the location of the unit you choose is going to have some impact on the price you pay per month. An inside unit located on the bottom floor is going to be more expensive than that of an outdoor unit on the third floor.

One of the final things you will want to consider is how likely you are going to get hit with a rate hike. While there is nothing you can do to protect yourself from an increase, you can always ask the management how often they raise rates as well as when the last one was.


Must Have Features for Websites

Must Have Features for Websites

So you want to have a website for your Glasgow business? But how how much do you really know? And what do you actually need? Yabsta gets into it here!

It’s articles and conversations like this that we always feel the need to start with this disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: There are no “silver bullets” in marketing.

This means that there is no one thing that works every time for every person in every place.  The idea is to always implement as many “best practices” as you possibly can. So here they are.

  • If you’re selling, include a good picture of the product, and if you are in the Advice Business then YOU ARE the product.  Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Trainers, Attorneys, Dentists, Chiropractors, Realtors, and CPA’s cover a fair amount of the industries I am talking about.


  • 3rd party images that act as social proof.  I’m talking about awards, degrees, media recognition for you, your clients or products, and services. Always sell through other people, organisations, and companies.


  • Testimonials that take the shape of both video and written words.  Show diverse groups of people in both natural settings as well as sophisticated back drops.


  • Animated Images catch the eye and hold people’s attention. Sliders or carousels do this well.


  • A strong ethical bribe is paramount in capturing people’s information.  I’ll give you (blank) if you give me (blank).  The more valuable the gift the more information they will give you.  Videos, mind maps, demonstrations, digital books and magazines seem to have the best response.


  • Have an opt in and a way to use auto responders. Capturing leads is a top priority.


  • “Attention Getters” are really important, especially when you have a website with lots of info on it.  These “Attention Getters” should directly or indirectly focus on what’s in it for the website viewer or prospect.


  • Surveys or Polls that capture feedback and promote interaction show positive results when tracked.  Getting people to click, take action, and participate is fundamental.


  • Compartmentalize your website.  Things should blend and must not be hard to read. You should be able to glance and read everything easily.


  • Have Social Media feeds.  Having Facebook or Twitter updates happening on your website allows you to easily and automatically update your website all the times.  It also adds credibility and sophistication to any site.

  • SEO – Short for Search Engine Optimisation, It’s one of the fundamental parts of any new website and marketing campaign! If no one can find your website, then really whats the point in having it?


  • Don’t let good sales copy ever take a back seat to “pretty” if you want to make good money.


  • Have lots of images that trigger the right emotions you want for your business.


  • Your message should match your demographic.  Age groups, professions, etc. can alter how you might determine your colors, images, and video.


  • Have lots of articles or blogs that people can share, comment on or even rate.  Keep in mind there is more credibility in an article than a blog.


  • Always put an image or thumb nail next to your articles.


  • Your pictures, social proof, ethical bribe, opt in, slider, and attention getter should all be above the fold on your website.  This means that all these things should be visible to the average viewer on your website without them having to scroll down


  • Have your website built in a way that you can update yourself.  If your time is extremely valuable, then have someone on call that can make changes for you at the drop of a hat.


  • Update your site regularly so people feel the need to keep coming back.  This is another reason to have social media feeds.


  • Use up to date formats, designs, and graphics. People can tell when you are using something out of date.  The better it looks, the better you look, and the more you can charge.


  • Make sure your sites are very specific to a purpose.  Selling sites, squeeze pages, membership sites, main sites, etc. can all vary a little.  Set your expectations appropriately for your website.

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